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by qosic

Vision – Well definitely shows the character is great detail, the pose is good. I'm not sure what the personality of this character is,...



Tablet: Makoto x Roxanne by Touma-Yoshino
Tablet: Makoto x Roxanne
Yoooo! I'm back with a new drawing I just did today, I'm setting myself a new challenge of doing a drawing each week. I'll also try to set a theme, this week it's: couples!

This is my OC Makoto from Anime Kennel, with his girlfriend Roxanne (sorry she looks like a guy TwT) also from Anime Kennel (by #pastyllia )
They're spending a little time together whilst Makoto is sleeping next to Roxanne, because he's a little tired.

I tried drawing with my tablet this time, from scratch using a brush, rather than vector lines.
As my lecturer at Uni only uses Photoshop, so I might as well get into practice.

See you soon!

Roxanne is property of #pastyllia 
Makoto is my property #touma-yoshino
Makoto Yamauchi App (Re-vamp!) by Touma-Yoshino
Makoto Yamauchi App (Re-vamp!)
Well, it has been a while hasn't it?

After, well months here is my re-vamp for my character Makoto Yamauchi.

Here is a (long) description of... well him:

Personality & Little story:
Has a bright and childish personality, acts very girlish (you wouldn't suspect he was a guy).
When playing with his Onee-san's as a fox they would dress him up as a girl, that further developed when he gained his human form.
As such he always dresses like a girl now, and sometimes put Make-Up on as well.

Most people resent him for this, and as he is half fox people normally bullying him and call him a demon.
Because of the harsh bullying he has developed a tendency to growl and yip like a fox at people he doesn't like, for up to 2 hours.
He may even bite them, so only someone he loves or likes can calm him done... by petting him.
His first owner abandoned him because when he was a fox he gained powers that allowed him to turn into a half-human. The owner thought he was a demon and threw him out on to the streets, then after a few days of wondering he bumped into a group of rich girls. One of the girl found him cute and always wanted a little sister, so asked if he had any parents. He shook his head so she took him to her house and started dressing him up. For a while he was happy, but then disaster struck and everyone had to move. But they forgot about him completely, so  he now just wonders the world taking what food he can.

And that's the start of a new little story of Makoto Yamauchi. It will probably be called 'Sincerity In the Mountains'.

Following on from is previous story he has gotten older... and more feminine, to the point he sounds and talks like a girl.
He also has the tendancy to blush when he sees small, cute things and get a bit nervous around his girlfriend.

Birthday: 2nd August

+He likes dressing up as a girl, go shopping and manipulate guys into getting what he wants.
+He still likes cuddling furry things.
+His personality makes him want to befriend rabbits and sheep, for some reason?
-He is afraid of really big bears and tries to hide from them, kind of like a cat in a tree situation.
+He likes to jump onto dogs heads and sit on them, except he can't so instead he goes all Kagome with their ears.
+He likes to try and catch birds and is good at jumping, because reasons.
=He has equal ground with the fish, but doesn't befriend them or hate them. If they are in trouble he would defend them.
+He gets on very well with other foxes, but they are the most susceptible to his pranks. Because he likes them too much.
-He hates those who are blinded by hate and who attack his friends. He would most likely get angry and attack them with fox fire.
+He loves dango. Fact. Period.
+He is manipulative with guys, except fellow traps. Although he's harmless, he is not harmless to the wallet.
+He takes relationships seriously.

Makoto Yamauchi is property of Touma Yoshino (c) you may use him for all the fanart you wish, but please do not use him for commercial purposes. That is all.


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Student, an aspiring artist

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I really appreciate it!
I'll probably put up some more art tomorrow, I've done some today I'm on a roll you see~
Next drawing will be: MAKOTO!! He's going to look different and older.
This will take a few days though.
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